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Kitchen Remodeling Philadelphia PA

kitchen remodeling philadelphia pa

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It is a well known fact that no matter how many kitchen trends you go through, granite is always one of the most popular options when it comes to countertop materials. Although expensive, it is very easy to maintain granite countertops and they are very durable as well. Most importantly, they are beautiful to look at. Add to that the fact that they come in so many color options, you could quickly get overwhelmed over which countertop goes well with your cabinets. We try to help you choose the right option for you among the so many options you get when you look for kitchen remodeling Philadelphia PA.

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Some homeowners definitely shy away from white granite countertops due to the misconceptions that one they could get stained fairly easily, which could then be difficult to remove, and two that they could end up looking like a sheet of paper, causing a lack of vibrant energy in the kitchen.

kitchen remodeling philadelphia pa

However, since it is granite, first of all, your countertop will never be plain. There will be veins and different colors of flecks embedded in your countertops that make your kitchen look interesting. Also, having a white color countertop means that your kitchen ends up looking more airy and bigger than it actually is, which could come in handy if you live in a small space.

kitchen remodeling philadelphia pa

Beige is a good alternative to white countertops. This is because of the different colors that come together to make the beige color. This combination of black, brown and grey colors gives you more freedom to decorate around. These colored countertops work really well with dark wood cabinets. This is why these are more commonly seen in classic kitchens where there are dark wood cabinets present.

Beige is also a timeless color, giving your kitchen a vintage but modern look. A lot of the kitchen renovations Philadelphia PA has, also choose to go for this color due to their wide availability.

Although having brown cabinets means that your kitchen ends up booking darker than if you had grey or white countertops, it is still one of the most popular choices for granite countertops. This is because although you are limited on the color options of your cabinets, having a brown granite with a lighter colored cabinet system creates a very subtle contrast, which is just beautiful! Since these are dark colors, they could make your kitchen look a little smaller than they actually are because they absorb some of the light, and hence, it is recommended to use in larger kitchens.

We understand that while the veiny look of granite is appealing to a large audience, some kitchen remodeling Philadelphia PA customers do not appreciate that appearance. However, they still want to go for that durability given by granite countertops. For them, having black granites is the best option. This allows you to have the long durability and low maintenance of granite, while erasing the veins structure of a natural granite.

kitchen remodeling philadelphia pa

Since black is the darkest color in this list, it absorbs the most light, and it is recommended to use white cabinets along with this countertop. Having this combination would allow for a modern look while keeping your kitchen a little airy and feeling roomier.

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