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Kitchen Remodeling Philadelphia

kitchen remodeling philadelphia

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When looking at all the options for kitchen remodeling Philadelphia has at its disposal, it could be really easy to get distracted with all the color options you might have to choose from, just for your cabinets. Not only the cabinets themselves, you have to choose the perfect color that could match with the theme of your house, with your countertops and the backsplash of your kitchen, if you have any. Whether you’re just renovating your kitchen or going for an all new kitchen altogether, it is important that you sit with your Philadelphia kitchen remodeler to discuss all the color options they might be able to provide. Here, we try to inform you about the latest color trends you might come across for new kitchens.

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Blue colored kitchen cabinets are some of the most common colored cabinets that are on trend right now. It is common to keep your kitchen light colored and airy and so, needless to say, it is of utmost importance that dark colors are not used on your cabinets.

kitchen remodeling philadelphia

However, breaking the conventional methods is what people are going for nowadays, and kitchen cabinets have been victims of such beliefs as well.

kitchen remodeling philadelphia

People are now going for midnight blues and forest greens, while using stainless steel appliances and smoky windows. Whether you want to go for such colors or  not, we leave up to you to decide!

Any Philadelphia kitchen remodeler you speak to, will be happy to say that grey is the most favored color for kitchen cabinets nowadays. This is because grey is a happy change from the warm brown cabinets providing a rustic and dark look to your kitchen. Having grey cabinets makes your kitchen brighter and makes it look more airy.

It offers the right balance between the warmth and neutrality, being the subtle intermediate. What's more is that the neutrality of grey color cabinets allows you to have a more bolder approach towards the paint color on the walls in other sections of the home. Also, since having grey cabinets makes your kitchen look more airy, it could be a great choice if you have a small space to work with.

Similar to grey color it is increasingly becoming a kitchen remodeling Philadelphia trend to have white cabinets, and for good reason. White and grey are special colors, which can never go out of fashion. These are also the most versatile colors you can choose to get for your cabinets, even though they are so neutral, which is the beauty of these colors. The reason we call them versatile is the immense number of color options you then get to choose for your other areas of the kitchen, like countertops and walls. You can opt to go for bolder and brighter color options for your walls without making the kitchen look too bright and gaudy.

kitchen remodeling philadelphia

Having dark colored handles, along with a nice designed tile floor could also bring that extra level of sophistication to your kitchens. Apart from these single colors, you could also opt for a mixture of these color options, which could make your kitchen get that hotter appeal and a touch of excitement.

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