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Kitchen Remodeling In Philadelphia

kitchen remodeling in philadelphia

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You can choose from a wide range of kitchen remodelers Philadelphia offers and none of them will have a defined formula of how a commercial kitchen’s layout should look like. That is because there aren't any. Every establishment is different and has its own personality and will operate in a different method, which is why it is difficult to nail down on one perfect formula. However, there are a few general layouts that could be used as a starting point when designing a commercial kitchen.  First is an island style layout. In this layout, as the name suggests, there is an island in the center of the kitchen, where the heavy cooking equipment like ovens, fryers, grills, etc are placed.

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Other sections of the kitchen generally form a perimeter around that island in such a way that a free circular flow is obtained. However, it is not necessary that only the cooking equipment needs to form the “island”.

kitchen remodeling in philadelphia

Depending on the needs of your kitchen and restaurant, you can have any section, like food preparation, or dish cleaning form the island and the rest of the sections can form a perimeter around it. That is the beauty of such a layout is that it is so open to modification and allows for easy communication between the kitchen staff members.

kitchen remodeling in philadelphia

Although used mostly in a square shaped kitchen, it could also be used if the kitchen is of other shapes. Any of the amazing kitchen designers Philadelphia would be happy to work with you to personalize your kitchen based on this style. Second is a zone-styled layout for your kitchen.

In this layout, the major equipment is pushed along the walls of the kitchens and each zone has its own block. It is important that you personalize this layout based on your needs to make sure that the two most commonly used zones are next to each other to create a quick and efficient work environment. In this type of layout, the center is completely free and could provide easy access for communication between the kitchen staff, along with freedom of movement. Most of the kitchen remodelers Philadelphia has at its disposal can easily work on this type of a layout.

Another common layout is an assembly line style layout for your kitchen.

This, as is common with mass produced products, could be really helpful if your kitchen serves a large number of people, and if it needs to do that fairly quickly, like in a fast food joint or a cafe. It is easy to work with this layout if your menu has a limited number of items, and it is the same menu everyday, like pizza or burgers.

This type of a layout allows for the kitchen equipment to be placed in a straight line, with the preparation area placed at one end of the line, the cooking area in the middle and the service area at the end of the line.

kitchen remodeling in philadelphia

This allows the food to be sent quickly down the line. However, it would require that some of the kitchen designers Philadelphia offers understand the method with which your food is prepared so they can better arrange all the equipment for you. In this type of a layout, the rest of the zones could be placed behind the line and kept out of the way.

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